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The first KBA has successfuly taken place at the 24th EBCOG Congress in Torino.

More information and updates will soon be posted on this section of the website.


OSCE Pre-Exam course, 1st October 2016, London

OSCE Exam, 19th November 2016, Norwich


Opening application for the KBA Pre-exam course, 1st July 2016

KBA Pre-exam course on 27-29 January 2017, Brussels

KBA Exams in Antalya on 17th May 2017


OSCE Pre-exam course on 9th September 2017, Brussels

OSCE Exam 17-18 November 2017, Norwich or elsewhere







Become a European Fellow of O & G: “EFOG-EBCOG”

We are delighted to announce that EBCOG is going to introduce an
examination for specialist Obstetricians & Gynaecologists in 2016.

It will be open to European and non-European Candidates and will be conducted in English.

Candidates will be able to sit the exam at the end of their mandatory national specialist training programme.

This exam will have two components:  Knowledge Based Assessment (KBA) paper and assessment of clinical skills (OSCE).
Candidates who pass the exam will become European Fellows of O & G - “EFOG-EBCOG”.

The first KBA examination will take place right before the 24th European Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Torino on the 18th of May 2016.

More information will be available on this site very soon.

Number of attempts
Candidate who fails to pass the written exams (Part 1) cannot sit for the OSCE (Part 2).

Candidate, who passes the written exams, should take the OSCE exam within a period of 3 years.

Once this period has expired or the candidate has failed to pass Part 2 (OSCE Examination) within 3 years of passing KBA exams (Part 1), it would be required to re-sit KBA Examination again.



Download documents:

1) Introduction to the Examination

2) Methods of Assessment (Part1)

3) Methods of Assessment (Part2)

4) Application Process

5) Preparation of Candidates for the Examination

6) Guidance during the Examination

7) Pass Mark

8) Basic Training Programme

9) Part 2 - Evaluation of clinical skills (OSCEs)



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