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''We took part in this course as trainees. It was amazing because we realized that our trainers often don’t teach us, not because they don’t want to help us, but simply because they don’t know how to do it.''
Annalisa Tancredi
“I think that this course was really useful to analyse some concepts about learning skills and education assessment, which are part of the medical profession. I found role playing very interesting and the interaction between people from different countries and cultures in small groups was very useful in keeping in mind all the different aspects involved in intrapersonal relationships, which is a very important part of our job as doctors.''
Emilie Canuto
“It was the first time I took part in such an innovative course. The different aspects of training brought into focus how important the role of trainer is. I think that some pattern suggested were difficult to put into use in everyday life”
Eleonara Banquin
''We were very positively impressed and we encourage our colleagues to take part to this course!!!! It was a stimulating and fun experience for us all and we came away understanding more about ourselves as human beings and doctors at the same time.”'
Elisa Piccardo
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