EBCOG Standards of care

The EBCOG has set up a working party to look at various models of health service delivery, both within EU28 and beyond in order to address these issues. Following extensive discussion and consultation with stakeholders, including input from European organisations representing women‟s interests, the Working Party has produced this document outlining the standards of care for various clinical conditions which affect women throughout their lives. 

These standards define a roadmap of quality service underpinned by clinical governance, safety and patient experience. The standards cover 25 key clinical areas including sexual and reproductive health, fertility regulation, the prevention and treatment of female cancers, benign gynaecology and access to emergency gynaecology treatment.


EBCOG activities and documents

Portfolio of various EBCOG activities

EBCOG organize many activities to promote healthcare topics for women and their babies. EBCOG also participate in and partner with many other valuable organisations to create scientific/educational events, calls for actions for urgent matters and publications.

Below we have gathered recent activities and documents. Please read them. Also check out our publication section on this website for other publications.

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Mini Symposium on Infertility in Europe

Mini Symposium on Infertility in Europe

Mini Symposium on Infertility in Europe

Annual report 2014

Annual report 2015

Annual report 2016


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Prior fellows come from many different countries such as Albania, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine etc.

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