EBCOG Fellowship exam

The exam consists of 2 parts.

Part 1 is a knowledge based exam based on a computer based test and part 2 is an OSCE. There is also an optional prep course for each exam.

The number of seats are limited. To guarantee a seat early reservation is recommended.

If you have any specific exam questions please contact our exam secretariat Mr Alexandros Peristeropoulos at: ebcogexams@gmail.com

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Part 1 exam (KBA)

10th and 11th of October 2020

The exam assess knowledge (KBA) and is computer based.

It will be an online exam with no venue.

Exam will be a Remotely and Virtually Invigilated Exam (RIVE). 

Passing this exam in necessary to sit the part 2 exam.

The number of seats are limited. Early reservation recommended.

Part 2 exam (OSCE)

Nov 16, 2019

The exam assess clinical skills and is based on OSCE stations.


The exam take place in Lisbon, Portugal..


Successfully passing the part 1 exam is necessary to register for the part 2 exam.

The registration is closed.

Part 1 - pre-exam course

17th - 18th of Jan, 2020

This course will prepare you for the part 1 exam.


The course to be held in in Istanbul, Turkey.

It will step by step explain the EBCOG curriculum in intensive training sessions during 2 days.

Hotel has to be booked separetely by participant.

Click here for course 2020 programme.

Part 2 - pre-exam course

Sep 14, 2019

This course will prepare you for the part 2 exam (OSCE).


Brussels city centre, Belgium, the 14 September 2019


It will step by step explain the EBCOG curriculum in intensive training and how the exam is structured.


Hotel has to be booked separately by participant.

EBCOG Formative Examination July 2020

15th of July, 2020

Fee: 100 euros.


Refund policy: The € 100 administrative fee that is at no point refundable.

For any questions regarding the course, please contact EBCOG exams secretariat Alexandros Peristeropoulos at ebcogexams@gmail.com.

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FAQ about the Fellow exam

See below for common questions about the Fellow exam

If you have any specific exam questions, not found below, please contact our exam director at ebcogexams@gmail.com

Why become a fellow and take the exam?

Passing the Exams will be a quality mark for you, which might be of use in your country.


Additionally, this might give you an extra mark if you decide to work in a European country provided that you fulfil other necessary requirements.


The exam is a prestigious qualification and would be a valuable addition to your CV.


It is the highest honor EBCOG can award. It is recognized  a special session at the annual congress where the fellows are recognized on stage by the President of EBCOG. Other future benefits will also be extended exclusively to EBCOG Fellows.

Where can I find more details about the exam?

Click the button below to read detailed information about how the exam is designed, how to take the exam and similar information.

If you want to find information about how to study for the part 1 exam. Then here is a book link.