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EBCOG Position paper - An introduction

Position Statement from the European Board and College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (EBCOG)


Introduction to EBCOG Position Papers

The European Board and College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (EBCOG) is the representative body of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 36 member countries. The primary aim of EBCOG is to improve the health of women and babies throughout Europe. It does this by promoting post graduate specialist training and also by the implementation of European wide Standards of clinical care.

It is generally accepted there are disparities in the quality of care and clinical outcomes across member countries and even among regions within the same country. Not all states are good at everything and there is much to learn from each other. Outcome measures need to be developed, but of immediate relevance are maternal and perinatal outcomes, cancer survival rates, access to sexual health services, and the regulation of fertility treatment as well as quality of life issues.

EBCOG has responded by developing an agenda which promotes evidence based care. Although the EBCOG Strategy has multiple strands, it focuses on the development and implementation of Clinical Standards. Part of this Strategy has been the initiation of a series of Position Papers.

EBCOG Position Papers

The purpose of EBCOG Position Papers is to provide a clear statement on issues of clinical and public health relevance to all the diverse populations of the European Community. It is important that an organisation that represents most of the national professional societies of obstetrics and gynaecology within Europe is seen to have a clear leadership role in matters of relevance to the health of women. Position Papers provide an important opportunity to demonstrate that EBCOG is serious in this respect and accepts its responsibilities to act to improve the health of women in Europe.

It is recognised that many individual societies are sufficiently well resourced to produce clinical guidelines and scientific statements for themselves and the populations they serve. It is not intended that EBCOG statements compete or interfere, but instead identify issues of importance and relevance to the provision of services and to women in all parts of Europe.

Inevitably the style and content of such statements will evolve over time, as has happened with those of individual national and professional societies. Initially an EBCOG Position Paper will be written in the style of a Press Release and be around 600 words with 5 key references, aimed at both clinical and lay audiences.

In each case a recognised expert in the field is invited to produce an initial draft which is then peer reviewed by the EBCOG Executive (and their nominees) and finally approved by Council.

The following includes some of the topics which are being addressed.

1. Reducing the Risk of Multiple Pregnancy after Assisted Reproduction

2. Obesity and Women’s health

3. Vaccination in Pregnancy

4. The Importance of Antenatal Care

5. Improving Access to Fertility Control

6. Alcohol and Pregnancy

7. Travelling while Pregnant

8. Female genital Mutilation

Any further suggestions for issues of relevance to the health of women throughout Europe are welcome. It is envisaged that Position Papers will contribute to high quality care within EU28 and support EBCOG’s determination to further the cause of Women’s Health in Europe.

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