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Financial support for individual fellowship

EBCOG has, with the valuable help of ENTOG, embarked upon an exciting new pilot project, to encourage mobility of trainees in obstetrics and gynaecology in Europe. EBCOG hopes the project will also serve to increase harmonisation of training in obstetrics and gynaecology in its member countries.

EBCOG has awarded three yearly individual fellowhips since 2011, worth 3000 euro each, to trainees to spend a three-month period in a foreign training centre, recognised by EBCOG.

We were very pleased so far with the wide interest from trainees from all over Europe and the high quality of their applications.

For further information about the application process please follow the guidelines published.

The successful candidates were:

In 2012:

Dr Ingrid Elisabeth Vock (Sweden)

Dr Burak Tatar (Turkey)

Dr Krzysztof Galczynski (Poland)

In 2013:

Dr Galyna Tolstanova (Ukraine)

Dr Orgeta Maçi (Albania)

Dr Nadia Wilson (Denmark)

In 2014:

Dr Anna Gracia Perez-Bonfils (Spain)

Dr Nora Gullai (Hungary)

In 2015:

Dr Raili Rebane (Estonia)

Dr Seçkin Tuna Kaplan (Turkey)

Dr Agnieszka Lemanska (Poland)

In 2016:

Dr Iryna Tepla (Ukraine)

Dr Kamila Muminova (Russian Federation)

Dr Marie Abel (Estonia)


Professor Peter Hornnes (EBCOG)

Dr Nuno Martins (EBCOG)

Dr Anna Aabakke (ENTOG)

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