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EBCOG Congress - Latest Information!

We are all living through exceptional times and for some of us experiencing medical situations and organisationsal response we never imagined or were trained for.

EBCOG is closely monitoring the developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). EBCOG’s priority remains the health and safety of all participants including faculty, industry partners, staff, and others involved with 2020 congress at Bergen, Norway.

We are continuing a careful assessment of the potential impacts of this pandemic and are fully aware of the restrictions posed by travel ban, mass gathering due to health-related concerns.

Norwegian government is yet to decide if we can hold the congress in May, and we await further instruction form the Norwegian Government with regards to the decision to convene or postpone the congress to a future date and/or venue.

Please be advised based on the current information available the congress is scheduled on 14-16th May but we will keep you all informed as soon as possible if this should change.

We, healthcare providers, are going to live through times we have not imagined yet.

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